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Timely and rational solutions in the field of agricultural production ensure not only higher income but also costs minimization.

Soil analysis is the basis for decision-making because it allows you to determine the limiting factor of each field, information about its chemical, physical, and biological condition, and clear, practical recommendations for applying fertilizers.

Potential analysis

We determine the potential of analyzed lands

Identification of problems

We identify inhomogeneities and crop productivity limits


We form a balanced nutrition system


We save fertilizers without affecting the crop productivity


We increase the efficiency of fertilizers application


We define field properties and restrictions

Complex soil analysis

From direct sampling to recommendations based on analysis results



Results and recommendations

For soil analysis, the crew goes directly to the field and collects weighted samples with the AgriSoilSampler automatic sampler:

  • the GPS track of each soil sample is recorded;
  • the sample is taken from a grid of 10 hectares;
  • the sample consists of at least 20 soil samples.

Before the analysis, soil weighted samples are dried, packed, a QR code with field GPS coordinates, planned crop and yield are attached and sent to the laboratory.

Agrosem cooperated with one of the world’s leading laboratories – Yara Megalab In Pocklington, Great Britain. The laboratory has 40 years of experience and conducts more than 2 million analyzes annually from more than 50 countries.

Analysis packages cover different needs and can be as following:

  • Basic;
  • Advanced;
  • Specific.

Based on the basic soil analysis of each sample, a scheme-recommendation is created which contains the following:

  • Field name
  • Sample name
  • Farm name
  • Planned crop
  • Planned crop productivity
  • Crop area
  • Phases of growth and development of the planned crop
  • Recommendation for each phase of vegetation with the use of Yara fertilizers and explanations

Analyses we offer

Soil analyses

Water analyses

Plant analyses

Soil density analysis

Why do you conduct soil analysis?

Soil analysis is necessary to determine the content of nutrients, elements that limit our crop productivity (deficiency), elements that are in excess in the soil (surplus), the pH level, etc. Based on these data, we can calculate the application of the necessary amount of nutrients to meet the needs of the crop, in other words, we need RECOMMENDATIONS.

Advantages of agrosem soil analysis

Responsiveness: we have a large number of offices and can quickly respond to all needs

Quality: laboratory with 40 years of global experience

Recommendations: except analyses, you receive nutrition recommendations

High-quality visualization and usability of recommendations

Professionalism: all the necessary employees work in the company (agrochemists, gis-specialists, selectors, and agronomists)

Automated accounting of samples using bar codes

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