John Deere FarmSightis a complex solution which includes intelligent John Deere equipment, agricultural production management solutions (AMS), and additional services offered by Agrosem. John Deere FarmSight solutions allow getting a deeper insight into your business and optimize processes. Besides, the John Deere company developed the FarmSight APP which gives an opportunity to raise awareness of available FarmSight service packages. Choose a package that meets your requirements and increase your income by improving efficiency and uninterrupted operation from the very first day.

John Deere FarmSight provides:

  • Remote control of individual machines which guarantees preventive maintenance.
  • Optimization of performance and fuel consumption.
  • Detailed agronomic reports to make smart decisions.

John Deere offers profitable and convenient farmsight service packages

In Base package

Owning the John Deere machine you get the advantages of John Deere Connected Support™ which allows you to keep working. In Base package also offers individual assistance in machine initial configuration and operation instructions.

Select package

Select package offers the most up-to-date information from Agrosem experts and manufactural data. Based on real-time data from your machines, you’ll receive timely recommendations to ensure machine performance and optimal condition.

Premium package

Premium allows reducing operating costs and increasing machine performance with expert data and knowledge applied both on site and using the most advanced remote support tools.

Ultimate package

Ultimate provides uninterrupted operation and performance on the new level. Enjoy peace of mind using a service which is based on expert data and knowledge and guarantees machine uninterrupted operation.

FarmSight services can be combined in different service package levels in order to get the maximum benefit for your business. Choose a package that meets your requirements and increase your income by improving efficiency and uninterrupted operation from the first day.

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Get additional services from agrosem within FarmSight

Performance improvement services:

Training services:

Operation maintenance services:

  • Remote performance testing.
  • Visit for configuration/optimization assistance.
  • Remote assistance in machine configuration.
  • Training during the process of putting the machine into operation.
  • Setting up of the MyJohnDeere account.
  • Introduction to John Deere Operation Center.
  • Inspection before delivery.
  • Remote machine control.
  • Seasonal support by phone.
  • Expert inspection.
  • Automatic maintenance scheduling with notifications.
  • Backup machine provision.

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