Precision agriculture is an approach to farming based on data obtained from various tools and systems. This approach is accompanied by automation and robotics of the farm. This helps to improve crop productivity, reduce costs, and optimize expenses. Agrosem provides the full range of services regarding precision agriculture (smart machinery, automation system, efficient fertilizers, and high-quality seed material), software and technical support for you to become a leader in your sphere.

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Irrigation is the monitoring of fields and equipment of irrigation systems of all types (circular, frontal), agricolous field survey for pests, weeds, and diseases, granulometric soil analysis, and soil moisture level monitoring. Installation of equipment for wetting, natural rainfalls and technical maintenance of equipment monitoring. Development of recommendations regarding the timing and wetting norms and insecticides application.

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Services help increase efficiency and provide maximum automated control of agricultural production

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Planning of the optimal navigation lines

Create optimal navigation lines AB for field operations, visualize the impact of changing path directions, and compare with the routes used before.

  • Configure the input parameters
  • Visualize the optimized route plans
  • Compare the route plans

Crop season analysis

Assess the impact of sowing optimization during application and harvesting, look through the route plans in one map layer, and configure the input parameters in the same user interface to clarify optimal results.

  • Rate dependencies
  • Layering route plans
  • Change route plans

Bulk operations

Select multiple fields to simultaneously create optimal navigation lines, view saved route plans, analyze field operations in one place, and send the corresponding navigation lines to the navigation monitors in the machinery.

  • Multifield optimization
  • Message processing
  • Export of tasks to monitors


Automated detection of stress situations in the field

xarvio® SCOUTING was developed for both agricolists and farmers to automatically detect problems in the fields. All you need to do is to make a photo and get the results as soon as possible. SCOUTING application supports more than 50 crops around the world, helping to easily identify risks in the fields.


More efficient plant growing

The new digital solution for efficient sowing management is based on 25-year experience and more than 30 models for crop farming optimization. By combining knowledge with fields and crops statistical data, xarvio FIELD MANAGER analyzes their condition and provides recommendations for agricultural activities.


The digital support of sowing protection on your fields from decision making to their implementation.

The best strategy of fungicide and growth regulators application is important. xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS optimizes the application terms, product, and dozing for optimal harvest protection depending on the field and season. You get the full control over all processes and the guarantee of field health. xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS ensures safety and saves time.


  • Monitoring of actual and planned areas
  • Monitoring of crops compliance with the sowing plan
  • Real-time monitoring of crop consistence in the fields
  • Notification about a sudden change in the crop season index
  • Crop productivity forecast
  • Monitoring of field inspection by agricolists
  • Monitoring and minimization of risks of the natural and climatic factors impact on the harvest
  • Assessment of the hills and relief influence on the performance of individual fields and their areas
  • Concentration of attention and efforts only on problem fields


  • Centralized planning and control of resource use: seeds, plant protection products, and fertilizers
  • Formation of the maps of the macro- and microelements distribution in the soil
  • Formation of tasks on differential application with field zoning by application levels based on various data sources
  • Real-time monitoring of all agricultural operations in the fields
  • Prompt monitoring and resowing of “winter crops losses” in all farm units
  • Harvesting planning “from dry to wet”
  • Monitoring of deviations from the forecasted crop productivity. Visualization of the high and low crop productivity areas


  • Real-time monitoring of the machinery work
  • Real-time monitoring of the resource usage: distance, land area fuel, drivers, and machine operators
  • Monitoring of the agricultural operations technology: gaps, overlaps
  • History of the agricultural operations and machine tasks: if a problem is detected in the field, you can always “rewind” the time and determine when the problem arose and what caused it
  • Automatic and manual recording of violations (alarms) during agricultural operations
  • Monitoring of harvesting and transportation
  • Recording of weighing results
  • Service book. Planning and accounting for technical maintenance, repair of machinery and equipment


  • Interactive map with access to land plots in the field layer
  • Different types of thematic maps by parameters: validity period, designated use, registration type, and others
  • A convenient module for generating analytical reports on lease agreements
  • The possibility of the information import and exchange on contracts with 1C or Excel

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