Express laboratory at your disposal: find out the market value of your grain in just 30 seconds

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GrainSense hand-held analyzer

Prompt quality control available for each farm. The latest infrared analyzer determines the key parameters of the grain in just 30 seconds which allows for a 90 % estimate of its market value:

  • Protein
  • Moisture
  • Oil content
  • Carbohydrates
  • Cellulose
  • GrainSense and a smartphone are all you need to assess grain quality.

Optimal pricing

Conduct an express analysis and find out in advance the class and the volumes of grain to be collected. You will be able to optimize the harvesting logistics, harvest storage and delivery

Precision agriculture

Get the statistics on protein content in grain before harvesting. A field map based on the actual protein content will allow you to reduce costs when applying fertilizers for the next season

Decision making tool

It is possible to control consistent quality while forming the grain lots. An analysis from each machine enables the generation of crop productivity statistics by varieties and fields


The GrainSense portable analyzer provides independence from laboratories and quick results for decision-making

Before harvesting

In combine harvester tanker

In granary

In animal breeding

Measuring the protein content at different points in the field allows you to evaluate the fertilizer application efficiency or sum up the results of new varieties sowing.

The sequence of harvesting can be planned depending on the grain quality indicators in the field.

It is also known that the accumulation of useful substances in the soil varies within one field which affects the change in protein content

The analysis of grain in the combine harvester tanker or loader makes it possible to distribute grain with different protein content into various groups, tankers, or sleeves and then to allocate which grain lots have to be formed for sale

Grain analysis from each machine that arrives at the warehouse or elevator makes it possible to store grain of consistent quality in bunches or bunkers

Thanks to GrainSense, you can easily optimize the grain component of the feed concentrate recipe without laboratory involvement

An irreplaceable assistant for every household

The weight of the device is 820 g

Portable device that runs on AA batteries and comes with a convenient carrying bag

Measurement time is 30 s

No more depending on lab reports for quick results

The weight of the sample is 3 g

how does GrainSense work

The GrainSense device measures and analyzes the sample and transmits the rates to the GrainSense Mobile application via Bluetooth

Calibrations and other settings to the device, as well as measurement results to the database are downloaded by the mobile application

A backup copy of the measurement results is stored in the cloud storage

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