An expert in providing farmers with high-quality seeds of the most popular crops, fertilizers, plant protection products, machinery, innovative technologies, and precision agriculture technologies. We work with the best world manufacturers on the agriculture market

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Process automation and robotics: smart machinery, software, fertilizers, seed material, and other components that help to increase crop productivity, reduce costs, and optimize expenses.

Precision agriculture


Efficient, disease-resistant varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops and everything necessary for the maximum yield: fertilizers, protection products, and biological preparations from leading manufacturers

Crop species


A new level of performance and agriculture management: remote control of individual machines, navigation systems of logistics management, drone spraying, and other optimization technologies

Innovative technologies


Agrosem is your expert in comprehensive agricultural solutions. We help Ukrainian farmers achieve better results.

We work with leading manufacturers of agricultural products and equipment, so we provide you with quality and proven tools.

We are constantly expanding our expertise, following market trends and testing new products to offer relevant and innovative products.

We offer personalized approach to each field, so you get the most efficient solutions.

Our offices and warehouses are located in key regions to complete your orders quickly.


In order to facilitate agricolists’ work in the field and make it more time efficient, cost-effective, and easier, we offer a wide range of high-quality agricultural machinery from the world’s leading companies.


The use of precision agriculture systems allows agricultural company owners to reach a new level of farm management. We will help you improve performance and increase the time of failure-free operation of your machinery. Optimize the machinery fleet logistics and customize each machine individually to reach the peak performance with low fuel consumption.

Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture is an approach to farming based on data obtained from various tools and systems. This approach is accompanied by automation and robotics of the farm. This helps to improve crop productivity, reduce costs, and optimize expenses.


Each agricolist aims at achieving the highest crop productivity of cultivated crops. That is why Agrosem sells hybrids and agricultural crop varieties from such manufacturers as MAS Seeds, Lidea, KWS, and Cerela which have confirmed optimal morpho-biological characteristics that guarantee excellent disease resistance and great harvest.

Plant protection products

We offer modern plant protection products from the leading manufacturers: Alfa Smart Agro, Corteva Agriscience, Summit Agro, FMC, and BASF. Our portfolio includes a harmonious combination of high-quality pesticides in complex crop protection technologies, thorough control and enhanced assistance to agricolists regarding their correct application.


Properly chosen and timely applied fertilizers are the key to a good harvest. Our portfolio includes only the best mineral fertilizers from such world manufacturers as Yara, Grupa Azoty, Alventa, and Lithos Natural.

Biological preparations

For realization of the harvest potential the plant consumes many nutrients. The most valuable nutrient for plants, the “element of life” is nitrogen. Green plants consume nitrogen only in the mineral form, therefore, in order to supply nitrogen, it is necessary to always replenish nitrogen in the soil with mineral nitrogen fertilizers.

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