Comprehensive irrigation management: get planned crop production with the minimum amount of wetting

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Irrigation management is a range of services that includes 24/7 monitoring of all meteorological indicators, soil moisture dynamics, the amount of outflow of irrigation systems and other services that allow you to obtain the planned crop productivity with the minimum required wetting and control of key operations during the crop season.

Weather forecast

High-quality weather forecast and control of the sum of active temperatures


Granulometric analysis and soil density analysis

Development control

Additional development control of sowing by our agriculturists


Forecasting of the flowering phase onset, crops ripeness, modeling of plant diseases 7 days ahead


Recommendations on the water usage for irrigation according to the needs of crops in different development phases and actual indicators of moisture in the soil


Optimization on wetting costs and increase of crop productivity in case of compliance with recommendations


Includes maintenance services, agricolous field support, analytics, and recommendation development

Technical support

Agricolous support

Analytics and recommendations

  • Selection and analysis of the granulometric composition of soil and hydrogen extract
  • Installation of a weather station with a device for rainfall measurement and soil moisture sensor
  • Installation of reference stationary weather stations for calculating the amount of rainfall and irrigation
  • Installation of Lindsay Pivot Watch flow-type sensors on irrigation systems
  • 24/7 maintenance and prompt replacement of equipment in case of station damage
  • Soil moisture monitoring and recommendations regarding the time and intensity of wetting in the range of 30–60 cm deep, depending on the culture
  • Weekly inspection of the field conditions according to the crop development phase: plants photo scouting, additional moisture measurements with a manual moisture tester, root system development analysis, and basic observations
  • Field photo survey with the help of a drone for understanding the general situation and possible problems in the fields
  • Weekly report on the state of plant development and recommendations on the required amount of wetting
  • Field monitoring for pests using pheromone traps
  • Recommendations and calculation of optimal timing of insecticides and pesticides application
  • Automated service and notifications about disease modelling based on meteorological indicators
  • Accounting and visualization of the wetting diagram on circular irrigation systems (Lindsay Pivot Watch, FildNET)
  • A versatile software product for displaying all reports and weather indicators (PreAgri)
  • Staff training at the beginning of the season, as well as regular remote information and technical support
  • Creation of an annual performance report for each field based on all data and crop productivity analysis


Pivot Watch monitoring and management equipment

  • Installed on any irrigation systems regardless of age and brand
  • Compatible with FieldNET and FieldNET Advisor
  • Provides reports on water flow, current status, direction, and speed
  • Charges the battery from solar energy which provides 24/7 visibility and requires almost no maintenance


We have been implementing digital solutions in agriculture for more than 10 years, from small farmers to holding companies

We use only high-quality equipment (іMETOS, Arable, and Lindsay)

We implement a versatile and flexible PreAgri software product

We have sufficient qualified staff for each stage of the project

We promptly solve existing problems due to coverage in all regions of Ukraine

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